What is Roaming50?

My name is Kerry and in 2020 I turn 50. I am a die-hard mountain biker and I loved living in Colorado. I created the ColoradoBiking channel on YouTube to showcase the excellent riding that we have in this state.

However, towards the end of 2019, life took a change, and our family decided that we would move back to the midwest so my wife could be near her family. Realizing that she would be taking me away from what I love we agreed that I could bike a van and convert it for travel. Where that will go, more in the future…

We won’t be moving back until mid 2021, so that leaves me another year to explore the excellent biking around Colorado. However, I feel that I can’t keep my channel as ColoradoBiking anymore. I needed something new.

So what is Roaming50?

Roaming50 is my goal to explore all 50 United States throughout my 50s. It’s a ten year goal. I hope to ride and showcase some of the best trails throughout the country before I am too old to enjoy mountain biking anymore. That will be a sad day…

I started mountain biking in the early ’90s. Many of us did with mountain biking beginning to grow in the mainstream from the mid ’80s. The early trend setters are now beginning to hit their 60s and even 70s, but a lot of us are like me; reaching their 50s, hoping to continue to enjoy the sport that has kept them young. I swear that mountain bikers look a lot younger than your typical 50/60 year old out there. With most of the mountain bike YouTube channels hosted by younger riders in their 20s/30s, my focus will not be extreme riding but rather education and the journey. I got into mountain biking to take me places, to escape the mundane and the corporate tedium that many face in everyday life.

And with Roaming50, I now add van life and travel to the mix.

Come with me. Let’s go on a journey.